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Managed WAN

Managed WAN

Why Don’t You Run Your Company,

Not Your Network .

Base 2 Connect provides a comprehensive suite of managed services that include remote monitoring, management, control and reporting. base 2 Connect successfully helps in reducing IT costs and increasing business productivity through monitoring your business WAN to deliver a reliable and consistently high level of service.
You Need a Trusted Partner to Run Your Network.
Base 2 Connect is a proven managed service that reduces IT support costs, improves network performance and increases productivity through centralized, proactive monitoring, management and optimization of your WAN infrastructure. By allowing a trusted partner like base 2 to manage your network assets, you can control CapEx and staff levels, leaving you free to focus on your key business goals.
Proactive. Reliable. Experienced.
Whatever your choice is, base 2 Connect for WAN will be proactive; monitoring and alerting problems even before they occur. Our engineers are real tech wizards- from setting up, maintaining and making remote configuration changes to your WAN, our team will be responsible for your entire WAN, they will keep your business running like an invisible pair of hands.
Peace of Mind Is Good for Business
Our people, expertise and tools can help you evaluate your existing resources truthfully and incorporate emerging technologies. This unique combination of expertise, comprehensive reports, consultative advice and dedicated account management, makes base 2 Connect for WAN’s a better way to manage your network.


Base 2 Connect: Managed WAN is correct for you if you:

1. Want to reduce WAN setup costs

2. DO not want to run your own WAN

3. Want a guaranteed SLA uptime

4. Rely on stable communications

5. Want to run VC and Telephony across your WAN

6. Want to take advantage of Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB)

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